To Ensure processes are monitored and measured to delivered consistent results, companies should plan and implement quality systems followed international standards such as ISO Standards.

Cold Chain Consultants provides companies with tailored solutions to implement or update their current quality systems, identifying processes and interactions, required documentation and controls to meet GDP, regulatory compliance and best practices (international and local).

Using the process approach PDCA methodology or the one of your preference we will:

  • Identify or update current processes needed for the QMS and its applications throughout the organisation.
  • Determine the proper interaction between the processes.
  • Determine the criteria or methods to ensure that the operations and processes control and measurements are effective (KPI’s)


CCC GDP compliance Manuals

CCC can also offer GDP Compliance Manuals tailored to your requirements and operations, if you are a wholesaler, 3PL Provider, Freight Forwarder or Manufacturer.

  • TYPE 1 – GDP Manual Index and Blank Templates

  • TYPE 2 – GDP Manual Index and Blank Templates with sample text.