Cold Chain Consultants offer training courses and workshops with an operational focus on achieving Temperature Sensitive Supply Chain Management and Good Distribution Practices compliance for the pharmaceutical and life science industries.

The following are the main training topics and our lists of modules to offer to our customers:


Cold Chain – Management (CCM)
Cold chain management training specifically focusses on the temperature, risk and qualification requirements of sensitive supply chain for GDP compliance. It delivers examples of documentation and procedures, with compliance to global requirements.



Cold Chain – Advanced (CCA)
The cold chain advanced training is structured for people who require a more technical understanding of thermal dynamics and the laws of physics which impact the temperature supply chain. The course provides the structures for Qualifying transport systems to global best practices to fully comply with GDP requirements.



GDP Training –Operational (GDPO)
This training course has been designed to provide GDP compliance knowledge within the temperature controlled supply chain for people working at the operational level within the pharmaceutical industry. This training course is an interactive program featuring case studies and examples which will enable attendees to gain the knowledge to comply with GDP requirements within temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical supply chains.



GDP Training –Management (GDPM)
The GDP management training course delivers the knowledge and requirements for managers responsible for the daily management of a GDP supply chain. The training focusses on the management requirements for compliance and the risk management of pharmaceutical and medical products with in the supply chain.


Our training courses and workshops are designed and updated regularly to learn how to maintain temperature throughout the entire cold chain and meet GDP compliance. It provides participants an intricate knowledge of all aspects of cold chain and temperature sensitive supply chain key components.

Our consultants combine extensive global business experience in Supply Chain Management, Optimisation, GDP, Regulatory Compliance, Validation and technical expertise to provide invaluable cold chain knowledge.


  • Real Case Studies

  • Group Workshops

  • Hands-on program to enable attendees to develop procedures for their own temperature-sensitive supply chains.

  • Practical demonstration will challenge current methods and practices and deliver the real facts.

  • Focus on the operational side of the temperature sensitive supply chain.